Incredible Health Benefits of Barley

Incredible health benefits of barley, we have provided to inspire your healthier lifestyleBarley is known as one major cereal grain containing various nutrient that can be good for our body. Barley originated in Ethiopia and Southeast Asia, since around 13,000 years ago and commonly used as livestock food. At that time, barley is also used for medical purpose and also an important food for athletes in Greece. These days, barley is used as the ingredient of so many foods and beverage since it has fermentable material. Usually, people use barley for making beer, whisky and other beverages that need fermentable material in its process. Besides beer and beverage, barley is also often used as component of so many kind of foods, such as: soups, stewing food, and also bread. Not only come in handy for making food and beverages, there are also several health benefits of barley that you should know.

incredible health benefits of barley

Nowadays, barley is getting more popular and there are so many people starting to consider barley as one of the alternative foods for their diet. Barley is also called as world’s healthiest food since it can be proven having many nutrients, like vitamin and minerals, and also fiber. If you wonder what kind of health advantages that you can get by consuming barley, here are the information about the incredible health benefits of barley for your body.

  1. Lowering Blood Cholesterol

Health Canada states that consuming 3 grams of barley per day can reduce the levels of blood cholesterol. Barley contains a kind of soluble fiber named glucan that can be proven lowering blood cholesterol for people who consume oat. A study related to health benefits of barley involving 391 participants shows that barley can reduce the total cholesterol levels and also lower lipid levels in human’s body. Another study published in American Heart Journal states that barley is also beneficial for lowering cardiovascular risk especially for post-menopausal women.

  1. Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes is another health benefit of barley. Basically, whole grain are rich sources of magnesium. Magnesium plays an important role of controlling enzymes in your body, including for glucose and insulin secretion. The study shows that the risk of type 2 diabetes can be lowered for around 31% by consuming whole grains food. This happens because the soluble fiber content of whole grains, including barley, can develop healthy blood sugar control in your body.

  1. Preventing and Protecting Cancer

Barley contains a beneficial mineral named selenium that can improve the liver enzyme function. This mineral also plays an important role of detoxifying some substances that can cause cancer in your body. Besides, selenium can also soothe inflammation and lower tumor’s growth rates. Another crucial health benefit of barley is that it can lower the risk of breast cancer and colorectal cancer. Consuming barley regularly can improve your immune system since it has beta glucan fiber that is quite beneficial for stimulating the immune response to infection.

  1. Avoiding Gallstones

One of the most important health benefits of barley is it can prevent gallstones. Especially for women, consuming barley can be helpful for preventing gallstone.

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Gallstones can be avoided by consuming both soluble and insoluble fiber regularly. According to study that was conducted to 70,000 women in America, consuming fiber can be proven lowering the risk of gallstones for around 13%. A reason why having fiber regularly can avoid the risk of gallstones is because fiber can increase the intestinal transit time’ speed and also lowers bile acids’ secretion. Besides, fiber can also lower your triglycerides. In this case, having barley which is a rich source of fiber in a regular basis, can really be a good point of preventing Gallstones.

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