Health Benefits of Bananas

Bananas are very close in our daily life because we can find it everywhere and most people love consuming it so much, but the health benefits of bananas are often forgotten. The taste of bananas is excellent because it is so sweet when it is ripe. Its yellow colour from the outside is a great temptation for everyone. The soft and smooth surface of the fruit makes it so delicious to eat. Thus, knowing more about the benefits of bananas for our health will make us love bananas more than before.

Eat Bananas and Enjoy the Health Benefits of Bananas for our Body


Health Benefits of Bananas


What are the health benefits of bananas?

We may usually think that bananas are great in taste so that it is the best after having lunch or before snacks or even anytime we want. Now, let us see it in more detail of what actually bananas can give for our body. Indeed, bananas not only can give us great taste but also can give health benefits of bananas that are useful for our body. We should know that bananas are rich of tryptophan. The tryptophan is good for coping with depression. It works by converting the tryptophan into serotonin or what is so-called the happy mood neurotransmitter of the brain. It means that when we consume bananas, we will get higher level of tryptophan so that our brain will send happy mood to us. Of course, when we feel happy we can decrease the level of pressure in our mind. Moreover, bananas can give us energy that is needed in doing our activities every day. It is suggested that we consume two bananas every day. Eating bananas also helps us in protecting our body from experiencing muscles cramps in whatever kind of activities we do. Then, we can enjoy our strong bones too because bananas contain a lot of nutrients used in building strong bones and in counteracting calcium loss when we have urination. Next, we can be free from type 2 diabetes since bananas can reduce swelling. We can have easier weight loss process too if we consume bananas every day. Bananas help our body in producing white blood cells too, which will make the functions of our body better.

The health benefits of bananas for the digestion process

As we know, bananas consist of high level of pectin, which is needed in the process of digestion. it means that consuming many bananas everyday offer our body with much pectin. That is why our body can work better and easier in doing the digestion process. Of course, it will be beneficial for the process of secretion too because the digestion process can run well. Bananas can help our body to cope with toxins that enter the body from the foods and drinks. It not only save the digestion function but also protect our body from certain kinds of diseases. Besides, bananas are rich of prebiotic needed to stimulate the growing of good bacteria. Therefore, we had better consume bananas everyday so that the health benefits of bananas can help our body to do its function and to keep our body healthy.

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