Get the Health Benefits of Avocado

There are many health benefits of avocado. This fruit is also known as alligator pear since it has green skin and alligator like shape. It has fatty and creamy texture. European sailors even used it to replace butter when they were on their way of discovering the New World. Its fatty texture does not mean that it will make you fat or increase your cholesterol level. In fact, it is nutritious and useful. Avocado is one of the ingredients in making salads, guacamole, and sandwiches.

Some of the important nutrition in Avocado is potassium, vitamin C, E, B, K, folate, healthy fat, protein and fiber. The healthy fat in avocado is monounsaturated fat. It is good to cut the bad cholesterol level in your blood. Avocado has more protein than other fruits. The amount of potassium in it is also higher than those in banana. Meanwhile, the vitamins in avocado will help your skin stay beautiful and youthful.

Avocado Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Avocado

Eating healthy is a lifestyle that some people have naturally picked up on, while others, it takes some time and discipline. While others have personally chosen such a healthier eating lifestyle, there are those who are ordered by their doctor to begin such a life change. By ordering the change of a person’s dietary lifestyle is the result of health concerns and issues that have arisen within the patients. With such means, many people have sought out avocados and the many health benefits that they provide people.

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When it comes to healthier eating, there are a plethora of foods that can be found in our grocery stores and natural food stores that have proven to help improve and maintain a person’s health. By entering in to having a fully balanced dietary lifestyle, a person is able to find increasingly positive changes in their health. Obtaining such minerals and vitamins are considerably easier for those who follow the appropriate rules of balancing out such meals throughout their day. Through research, studies, and experiments, the results have shown that many people are able to greatly decrease their high cholesterol levels, reduce their chances of heart disease, and successfully fight against certain types of cancer.

The avocado health benefits are far more than anyone who have ever expected, showing that this fruit contains vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B6, folic acids, potassium, dietary fiber, folates, carotenoid lutein, copper, and oleic acids. Each and everyone of these minerals and vitamins have greatly shown to be of value to those who are in need of these nutritional factors for their health.

The fat in avocado is also helpful in reducing the level of blood sugar. It works as a reverse insulin resistance. Eating avocado will help you control your blood sugar level. The diet fiber in avocado is also helpful in controlling the sugar blood level.

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Avocado has high level of fat. However, the fat in avocado is a good anti-inflammatory substance. People who suffer from inflammation are suggested to consume more avocados since it can control the inflammation.

This fruit also promotes beautiful skin since it is rich of vitamins and antioxidants. Therefore, eating avocado or applying beauty products that contain avocado oil will make your skin healthy and youthful. Avocado oil is also used in psoriasis medication. Psoriasis is a skin disease in which the skin is red, itchy, and scaly.

Some other health benefits of avocado are that it cures bad breath, prevents birth defect, and increases nutrition absorption. People who want to look fuller must eat avocado since it will help them to gain weight. Avocado also promotes the health of the eyes because it has carotenoid lutein.

People who consume avocado regularly, will have lower risk of suffering from stroke. Stroke is caused by high level of bad cholesterol in the blood and high blood pressure. However, the high amount of potassium in avocado will help you controlling your blood pressure. Meanwhile, avocado also has beta-sitosterol. This compound can cut the bad cholesterol level and increase the good cholesterol. The folate found in avocado is also helpful in reducing stroke risk. Therefore, they will not likely suffer from stroke.

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Having high cholesterol is a worrisome sign for doctors on it’s own. What brings even more worry to doctors with their patients with this issue, is that they know that heart disease is something that isn’t too far behind, as their chances have greatly increased with high cholesterol levels. The tests that have been conducted with patients that have cholesterol, have produced astounding results. Those who have eaten an avocado at least once a day, for a week, has decreased their cholesterol levels by nearly 25%, and more. Those who have a high chance of developing heart disease, or those who have a family history of it have been involved with tests and research that proves that eating avocado greatly reduces their chances. These results have even shown that those who have increased chances of suffering a stroke within their lifetime have greatly decreased their chances exponentially. What helps these patients lower their cholesterol is the oelic acid that is found in avocados. With some of these mentioned medical issues, there is also the problem of high pressure, which is also a problem that can cause heart disease. The folates and potassium that are found within avocados have helped in the great decrease in these future complications, strokes included.

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By the intaking of folate rich diets, a person has found another way for themselves to reduce their chances of suffering from heart disease later on in their lives. With the carotenoid lutein, a person is able to absort more of the nutrients and minerals within their meals up to five times more than before. Because of the carotenoid lutein that is found in avocados, a person who has avocados in their salads or other meals will be able to find these results. Scientists’ research has concluded that by adding just a few slices of avocados to these meals will allow a person to absorb up to five times the minerals and nutrition by eating an avocado with their meal.

One of the health benefits of avocado is that it helps in preventing cancer. The high amount of phytochemicals in avocado can prevent the growth of certain types of cancers. Avocado is also rich of antioxidants. It slows the aging process and increase the immune system. Those who have prostate cancer, breast cancer, and oral cancers, research has shown that a daily dose of avocados have helped nullify negative cancer cells, while keeping the healthy cells. What this research has concluded is that avocado health benefits do not cure these cancers, but they are definitely a great preventative measure for people to take a daily dose of avocados. The studies show that it’s the oleic acids, along with other minerals, are the main cause for this reaction within cancer cells.

Those who have eye problems have seen an improvement with their eating of avocados on a daily basis. The vitamins, especially vitamin B6 is great for improving even the worse of eye vision. Now granted, there are no reports as of right now of someone who has gained perfect vision from eating avocados, but they have gotten extremely close to those particular results.

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For some people, the idea of eating an avocado is something that is new to them, or might even be terrifying because of the color. However, there are plenty of ways for a person to cook and ingest an avocado that are found to be quite delicious. The avocado health benefits will not be lost when this fruit is chopped, seasoned, or cooked with other foods. It’ll be just the opposite, the foods will become much better for your body will be able to absorb the nutrients in a much faster and better manner for your body. One of the two most common ways that people have found themselves eating avocado is through eating guacamole, and avocado slices in their salad. It’s said that the avocado has it’s own, light test, with a soft creamy texture to it. It’s this texture that is responsible for the consistency that people get with their guacamole. In a person’s salad, simply cut up a few avocado slices and simply enjoy, season as you need. Sometimes people prefer lemon juice, while others enjoy using cooked salmon and a mayonnaise dressing. For salads, some people have done something as easy as cutting up tomatoes and avocados, seasoned them, and ate it just like that. Some have added tuna to this mixture for a different flavor, sprinkled with some lemon juice. For bigger meals, you can always add avocado to any sandwich or meal that you’re doing by turning it into a creamy texture, or by placing it on the sandwich itself.

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There’s talk about avocados being poisonous to some people, but scientists have concluded that this is just for animals, human consumption is just fine. The avocado health benefits are something to be amazed at, as many people around the world are, which is why anywhere in the world a person can purchase an avocado for their meals. Everyone is enjoying the avocado benefits that they receive, especially those who are in need of some heath improving of their own, for this fruit makes improving ones health that much better, and easier.

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