Nutritional and Health Benefits of Asparagus

Health benefits of asparagus have been felt by many people. Because it is healthy, the price of asparagus is affordable. Another reason that makes it so expensive is the fact that asparagus is harvested by hand. Asparagus is often used to make juice, yogurt, and other delicious meals.

Health Benefits of Asparagus Juice

For your information, you can get the maximum health benefits of asparagus if you have it fresh. That is why people tend to eat it raw then cook it. One of the ways to consume fresh asparagus is to make juice. A glass of asparagus juice provides minerals and vitamins. It is also high in protein, folic acid, and calcium. Asparagus juice can function as a natal diuretic as there are large quantities of asparagines contained in asparagus.

The Asparagus juice health benefits

Asparagus juice

By drinking asparagus juice, your body will be healthier. Asparagus is also recommended for people who have kidney health because asparagus help put off and dissolve kidney stones. In addition, asparagus is good for women who are pregnant. It reduces the risk of birth defects. However, there may be another pregnancy side effect for example water retention reduction. Elderly with arthritic problems can also get the benefit of asparagus. Do you know why it is good for treating arthritic? It is because asparagus dissolves oxalic acids and uric. For your information, those two elements often became they often become major cause of arthritic pain. So, if you have family or friends who have problem with arthritic pain, just ask them consume the juice every day. Asparagus juice also help cleanses the body tissue.

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The health benefits of asparagus can be achieved optimally if the asparagus itself is still fresh and has good quality. So, how to tell if asparagus is still good or not to make asparagus? Make sure, you pick firm asparagus with tight stalks. In order to avoid strong flavor, add little amount of apple or carrot. The side effect you get after drinking asparagus juice is dark and strong smell urine. It is not a big problem except for people who suffer from kidney problem.

Health Benefits of Asparagus for Diet

Asparagus is high in fiber so it will keep you full although you haven’t had any breakfast. That is why this herb is often used as a part of diet programs. A cup of cooked asparagus only has 50 calories. Besides the low calories, asparagus also contain much water and natural antioxidants that will help work against the symptoms of obesity. So, if you want to live healthily, include asparagus to your diet menu. You can create a number of healthy dishes from asparagus such as soups or salads. Even, you can eat it raw. If you want it cooked, avoid using saturated fats or unnecessary seasonings. Instead, use low fat ingredientIf you feel it is tasteless, perhaps, you can add a sprinkle of sea salt and squeezed lemon on the dish before being prepared. By cooking it right, you can get all health benefits of asparagus.

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