The Health Benefit of Tofu Based on the Nutrition Value

Tofu is the derived product of soybean. People consume it due to the health benefit of tofu itself. It is produced by making the soymilk from soybean and coagulated it. After the soymilk coagulated, then the tofu maker press it into white block. The texture of this tofu block is soft. East Asian used it as ingredients of various cuisines. The same situation happened it South East Asia since ancient time. The origin of tofu itself started two millenniums ago in China at Han Dynasty period. Since then, the method of making tofu has been perfected and spread all over the world. They also developed various types of tofu, such as silken tofu, fresh tofu, as well as the firm tofu.

Health Benefit of Tofu

Health Benefit of Tofu and the Protein Contained

People are well aware the health benefit of tofu. This food helps us to cure many diseases. However, before we talk about what kind of diseases it can cure, we should talk about what substances it contains. For every 100 gram of tofu, there are 7,8 gram of protein and 4,6 gram of fat. The protein in tofu comes from the soybean. The protein is very essential for our body. It helps us to strengthen our immunity system. Protein is used to produce antibody that protects our body from viruses and bacteria. Besides, protein is also responsible for cellular regeneration.

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Another benefit of tofu is in the fat. The fat produced by plant such as soybean is different with the one produced by animal. The fat on tofu works to lower the cholesterol level in our system. It also produces energy for our body. For those of you who are on diet program, tofu is one of the good food you can eat to maintain your body weight. Moreover, it helps our digesting system to dissolve vitamins. Therefore, it reduces the intestine damages due to difficulty digesting certain food.

The main source for energy in our body is fat. The benefit of tofu related to energy producing is as the source of energy. For every 100 gram of tofu, our body can synthesize 68 kkal of energy. A balance food for diet is not only using carbohydrate as the main source of energy. In the blocks of tofu, you can also gain energy from it.

After knowing about the substance contained in this food, it is now time to discuss about the health benefit of tofu as cure. As mentioned above, tofu can cure many diseases. Those diseases are anemia, osteoporosis, high level of carbohydrate, and reducing the risk of cancer. This food contains isoflavon, an anti-cancer agent. Several researches shows that isoflavon in this food reduce the growth and development of cancer cells. Meanwhile the iron contained in tofu helps the people who suffered from anemia. The iron stimulates the production of hemoglobin in our blood system.

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Besides fat and protein, tofu also contains another useful substance called calcium. This calcium has a great role on strengthen our bones. Therefore, tofu is suggested as one of the food that is good for people who suffer from osteoporosis. After knowing about the health benefit of tofu, we now know that consuming tofu regularly is good for our body.

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