Cabbages Derived Product: Health Benefit of Sauerkraut

For those of you who are not familiar with this food, sauerkraut is a fermentation of cabbages. It is popular among many cultures along the history. In this article we will discussed about the health benefit of sauerkraut and the nutrition value it has. People fermented cabbages in the same process as the fermentation on pickles and kimchi. Lactobacillus bacteria help the fermentation process of sauerkraut. Besides lactobacillus, the yeast is also used in this process. It helps to soften the cabbages so that it can be digested easily to our body.

Health Benefit of Sauerkraut


Health Benefit of Sauerkraut as the Source of Nutrition

Sauerkraut is popular for the nutrients it contains. The health benefit of sauerkraut is as the source of vitamins. It contains many kinds of vitamin such as Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. The fermentation in the process of sauerkraut gives more nutrition to it compared to ordinary cabbages before it processed. One of the advantages of this food is that it lows on calorie. It has high concentration many other substances. Those substances are fiber, iron, copper, magnesium, and potassium. The iron from this cabbage-derived product is good for those of you who lack of red cell blood.

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After going through fermentation process, sauerkraut produces enzymes from various bacteria. Unpasteurized sauerkraut contains many beneficial microbes that help our digesting system. Meanwhile, the fiber in this food combined with probiotic bacteria can improve our digestion system. This health benefit of sauerkraut is essential to our intestines. It protects the digestion system from many kinds of diseases that cause problems to our digesting system. There are also numerous studies proven that sauerkraut helps to repel bacteria that possessed thread to our intestines.

The cabbages for sauerkraut contain substance called anthocyanins. This substance works together with vitamin K help our body to maintain the brain condition and improve our memory system. The substance is also has important role on the health benefit of sauerkraut. It can reduce the risk of older people of getting Alzheimer. In some cases, the sauerkraut is also proven to cure Alzheimer diseases.

The latest researched conducted on sauerkraut reveals shocking result. It turn out that one of the health benefit of sauerkraut is as detoxify the poisonous substances in our body. Sauerkraut has high concentration of sulfur and Vitamin C. Both of those substances are essential to cleanse our liver and pancreas from poisonous substances. Therefore, sauerkraut is good for people who consume too much alcohol and smoke. The potassium in sauerkraut is good for maintain the blood circulation. It reduces the risk of getting stroke. Moreover, it is also suggested as a medication for people who suffer heart attack. The way it works is unique. Potassium stretches out the blood vessel larger. The blood flowing to this blood vessel can move quickly without any significant obstacles. By this way, the supply of blood to our body will never be troubled.

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From this article got much important information. First, we know about what sauerkraut is and how it was produced. We also know what kind of substance it has. After knowing the substance it contains, we can gain more insight on the health benefit of sauerkraut. It turns out that sauerkraut is able to reduce the risk of getting dangerous diseases. Not only that, it is also cures some certain diseases.

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