Health Benefit of Rice for Our Body

The main health benefit of rice is as source of the carbohydrate that produces energy for our body. Asian country such as Indonesia, Philippine, and Thailand are some of the best rice producer in the world. Rice itself is included as seed. One of grass species called Oryza Sativa produces it. It is consumed widely as staple food of the most world population, particularly Asian. It is also the third-highest agricultural commodity of worldwide production. The first one is sugarcane, while the second one is maize.

Health Benefit of Rice

What Are Health Benefit of Rice for Our Body ?

As mentioned above, the foremost health benefit of rice is as the source of carbohydrate. This carbohydrate is later converted into energy through metabolism process. The metabolism by using carbohydrate produces energy. For every 1 gram of carbohydrate, our body can produce 4,1 calorie of energy. The carbohydrate divided into three parts based on the sugar molecule in it. Those are monosaccharide, disaccharide, and polysaccharide. As the name suggests, monosaccharide contains one molecule of sugar such as glucose or fructose. The disaccharide contains two sugar molecules called sucrose (contains glucose and fructose) and maltose (contains two molecules of glucose). Meanwhile the polysaccharide contains many sugar molecules or many units of monosaccharide. The example of polysaccharide is amylum, glycogen, and cellulose.

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Rice is good for those of you who are on a diet program. There is no cholesterol in the rice. People often consider the health benefit of rice as a part of balance diet. Consuming rice will not make us fat. Besides, it contains useful substances such as vitamins, calcium, fiber, and Iron. One of the vitamins in the rice is niacin (Vitamin B3). This substance is responsible on reducing cholesterol level on our blood. Most foods that have cholesterol in it are taste so delicious. If you want to enjoy them without having worried to increase your cholesterol level, then you should eat them with rice.

Besides good for our cholesterol level, the calcium in the rice is also good for our bones. Most people forget that strengthen our bones is also a health benefit of rice. For every 100 gram of rice, there is 28 mg of calcium. Besides the calcium, this staple food is also contains 115 mg of potassium. This substance has great role of forming a new cell. It also reduces the risk of getting stroke. Lack of potassium in body system will make one suffering headache and insomnia. The worse condition of lack of this substance will cause uncontrolled heartbeat.

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There is some misunderstanding in the society related to rice. Some of them believe that eating too much rice will make someone getting fat. This assumption is incorrect. As mentioned before on health benefit of rice, this food does not contain any cholesterol and fat at all. Therefore, consuming rice regularly will not make us fat. In the contrary, consuming this food in the morning will help us controlling our weight and provides enough energy for the day.

You should be careful though when consuming rice. It contains high level of sugar in it. This sugar may cause diabetes. To balance your meal, try to consume this food with another food that reduces the sugar level in our blood. There is indeed good health benefit of rice, but consuming rice too much will not bring you good.

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