Health Benefit of Cheese as Anti-Carcinogenic

Most of people know what cheese is come from. However, not all of them know what the health benefit of cheese is. Cheese is made of milk that is going on fermentation process and coagulated. It is produced in various flavors, forms, and textures. In fermentation process, the milk acidifies and produce enzyme called rennet. This enzyme is responsible for the coagulation process. To add flavors into the cheese, people often add herbs and spices. Cheese is used worldwide all over the world as culinary ingredient. European countries produce and consume most of cheese.

Health Benefit of Cheese

Health Benefit of Cheese Based on the Substances in it

Before we talk further about the health benefit of cheese, first we should discuss on what it contains. The nutrition value of cheese is varies depend on the type of the cheese. In the market, there are several of cheese types. Some of the famous ones are Swiss cheese, Feta cheese, Cheddar cheese, Mozzarella cheese, and Cottage cheese. Nevertheless, generally it has protein, carbohydrate, and vitamins. It also has several other mineral such as phosphorus, calcium, and sodium.

Swiss cheese are famous as it is contains the most protein and carbohydrate. It is also contains more Vitamin B12 compared to any other kind of cheese. Meanwhile, Feta cheese has the most vitamins ranging from Vitamin B1 up to Vitamin B9 in it. The Cheddar cheese has the most Vitamin A among all kind of cheese. You can find 79% of calcium and 57% of phosphorus in every 100 gram of Swiss cheese. In other hand, there is 46% of sodium in every 100 grams of Feta cheese. Enough for what substances contained in cheese, now we will discussed about the health benefit of cheese.

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Besides those substances above, cheese also contains substances called linoleic acid and sphingolipids. Both of those substances are help to prevent cancer. They have a role as anti-carcinogenic agent. Anti-carcinogenic agent is the main health benefit of cheese. It means that the combination of those two substances is able to kill and destroy the substance responsible for cancer. Meanwhile, the Vitamin B2 helps our body to strengthen the immunity system. Strong immunity system will protect our body from dangerous substance causing cancer.

Another health benefit of chees is as the same as milk. It makes our bones and teeth stronger. Because cheese is made out of fermented milk, the calcium of the milk can also be found in the cheese. The calcium of cheese is also good for our bones. Younger people need calcium so that their bone can grow perfectly, meanwhile the older people need calcium to lower their risk of getting osteoporosis. As long as it is not extensive, cheese has good health benefit for pregnant woman.

Moreover, the calcium and other substances in the cheese are essential to help the baby grows normally. It also helps to strengthen baby bones and at the same time stimulates the contraction during the childbirth. As the derived diary product, cheese has almost the same health value of milk itself. Both of them are containing similar substances that are good for our health. The health benefit of cheese is as good as the one we found on milk.

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