Green Tea with Milk Health Benefits

Green tea with milk health benefits, how to make this? Find here! Tea as the universal beverages encourages the people’s creativity to combine it with many additional things to result the various tastes. Many are thinking about green tea as the healthier type of tea than the black one. Even scientists themselves can’t deal with the assumption that the green tea has more antioxidant than the black one. Compared with the black tea, green tea is scarcely added with the milk. But, the recently researches found the result that doubting the green tea with milk benefits, particularly for the sufferers of the diabetes and also hearth problem. Well, does this assumption lead to the conclusion that drinking tea with milk is bad?

Green Tea with Milk Health Benefits

The disputes of green tea with milk benefits

Green tea compounds of so many catechin that lastly attribute to its health benefits. The researches in 1998 and 2001 told that the milk did not interfere this tea substance and did not decrease it at all. Yet, the counter argument in 2002 and 2006 researches stated that tea with milk causes the active insulin in the rat cells up to 15 times. Adding 50 % of milk will activate the insulin activity nearly a hundred percent. Yet, adding the lemon as the alternative to give the taste won’t cause this activity. Then, research found the green tea is able to protect the hearth disease while the black one with the milk is harmful. If this black tea is consumed originally, it has the healthy benefit with no effect.

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The latest researches in 2006 utters that green tea does not absorb the catechin of the tea but it is probably decrease its antioxidant. On the other hand, adding the milk for black tea cause the disruption of its capability to secure us from heart disease. It is found that the concentration and effectiveness of catechin in green tea can be decreased by the substance in animal milk namely casein.

Recipe for making green tea with milk benefits

The expert said, milk in tea does not always negate the benefits of tea. Even the study in 1984 met this benefit in facing the stomach upset. We must be selective to choose the type of milk, comprehending the contents of the milk that less of saturation with minimum casein. The soya milk is recommended for this dispute. It contains of letichin that owns the different chemical structure with casein. Thus, it won’t bind the catechin as what has happened in the common type of animal milk. Still, your green tea can control the stomach upset, the heart problem and managing the potency of diabetic symptoms.

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