Green Tea Side Effects During Pregnancy

Well, you may be curious about green tea side effects during pregnancy. During pregnancy, it is required to keep the food consumed. This is due to not all of the food was good for consumption by pregnant women. Maybe when you are not pregnant, the food is safe and healthy to eat. However, it could be when you’re pregnant these foods can be harmful to your baby. Things you need to consider before taking the food is you should consult with your obstetrician. You can consult every three months, to inquire eat, what you should and should not eat.Usually the doctor can give the best explanation about this.

Green Tea Side Effects During Pregnancy

The benefits of green tea side effects during pregnancy

Green tea side effects during pregnancy there are advantages and disadvantages. This green tea is often debated whether or not allowed to be consumed by pregnant women. You can consult a doctor before consuming green tea. Tea in general is good for the health of pregnant women. However there is some suggestion that green tea did not eat for consumption by pregnant women. You can obtain the benefits of green tea if you do not consume to excess. Maybe just one glass a month. And even then you should consult a doctor. Here are the benefits of tea for pregnant women:

1. Reduce morning sickness

It is very often experienced by pregnant women, especially in the early months of pregnancy. Morning sickness is usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting, lethargic and lazy to move. Tea can cope with morning sickness because tea contains caffeine which can improve the spirit of your morning.

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2. Antioxidants good

In pregnant women will certainly experience skin changes due to free radicals. By consuming green tea, you can overcome this skin problem because of high antioxidant of tea.

3. Avoid mouth disease

At the time of pregnancy hormones in the body there are increases and decreases. Therefore, pregnant women are often attacked by diseases of the mouth such as toothache, canker sores and other oral diseases. Tea can prevent oral diseases is to be balanced with a toothbrush and rinse your mouth.

The negative of green tea side effects during pregnancy

Now, we’ll discuss the negative of green tea side effects during pregnancy. The following negative effects of green tea consumption during pregnancy:

1. the level of folic acid

As we know that folic acid deficiency can create defects in babies, both mentally disabled or disability. Green tea is drunk during pregnancy can affect the level of folic acid.

2. Caffeine

It is not forbidden for pregnant women to consume tea or coffee. However, it’s not too good if you consume too much caffeine. So, youshould pay attention to the consumption of green tea side effects during pregnancy.

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