Green Tea Extracts Weight Loss

One way to lose weight is by consuming green tea weight loss extracts. Green tea itself has been known since antiquity properties. Even now, many Japanese people who consume green tea as a beverage daily. They are also there which makes the tea ceremony. You may have heard that green tea has a high antioxidant. In their home country, namely Japan, green tea is not just for brewed but widely used as a food product and beauty product. The products are made from green tea usually has a high price because it has countless benefits for health.

Green Tea Extracts Weight Loss

How to make green tea extracts weight loss

How to make green tea weight loss extracts is very easy. Well here’s how to enjoy a true green tea:

  1. Use glass ceramic or clay. This is believed to add to the delights of the green tea flavor.
  2. Brewed green tea with water that is not too hot. Here means the 100 degree heat. So, you can brew green tea with a temperature of approximately 80 degrees. If you want faster to brew you can reduce the temperature. Better to use water that has been cooked so the bacteria are not there anymore.
  3. If you buy tea bags, try not too long dyed because it will reduce its benefits. If the color has changed enough, you can pick it up. Do not be too concentrated in dyed.
  4. Once you serve in a cup, you should direct you to drink. Better you drink when it’s warm and not too cold.
  5. If you want to lose weight, drink green tea at least 5 times a day. Do not wear too much sugar because sugar will cause diabetes.
  6. Pay attention to your green tea consumption, not too much. You can ask your doctor or expert first herbal green tea to consult problem to lose weight.
  7. We recommend green tea consumed 30 minutes before eating.
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The Benefits of green tea extracts weight loss

Once you know how to make green tea extract weight loss extracts. Now you can find out the benefits of green tea weight loss extracts. Green tea apart is believed to lose weight is also believed to provide other benefits. One is as a producer of high antioxidant. The high content of antioxidants can also help burn fat and counteract the effects of free radicals. You can consumed this green tea after you consult with doctor or herbal expert. Well, what if you are interested to consume green tea?

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