Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects that Everybody Must Know

Garlic health benefits and side effects should be known by everyone. As an herb, it is always used as one of natural ingredients to give flavor to food. But it can be used too as a healing treatment to cure or reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases, both at man and woman.

Garlic can be eaten fresh by crashing and chewing, for some people it’s not a good choice since it results bad breath, or made into garlic supplements. For those who prefer taking supplements, please be sure to contact your doctor first as they can interact with certain drugs.

Garlic health benefits and side effects

• The good from garlic health benefits and side effects

Like other herbs, garlic is so special because it contains lots of natural ingredients that could give good effects to our body. It is the best source for Sulphur, allicin, selenium, and other good components. The Sulphur content makes garlic has distinctive odor which for some people is bad, while allicin makes garlic can be a great option for healing treatment as it contains antibacterial, antioxidant, antifungal, and antiviral. Together with other components or ingredients like aliin, allicin is good for your immunological and digestive systems and they also reduce the health risks like blood pressure and detoxification. Health benefits and side effects do not stop there.

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Garlic, with the chemical ajoene found in it, can be used to treat skin infections like athlete’s foot and ringworm. In previous point we’ve known that garlic is good to lower the blood pressure and it’s true since it has allicin. It works by blocking or defending the activity of angiotensin II. This is the way on how garlic reduces the blood pressure.

Besides, red blood cells will transform the polysulphides content that garlic has into a gas named hydrogen sulphide. This gas will control your blood pressure. Another good thing from garlic health benefits and side effects are it’s known as one of the best treatments against cancer. It is because garlic has the allyl sulphides and diallyl sulphide.

For those who are going on a diet, garlic can be a good choice to be put on your menu list. It has been claimed to help people lose their weight.

Is Garlic Good for You? A Brief Health Explanation

• The bad from garlic health benefits and side effects

Though garlic is an herb and has been found safe, it will give bad effects if you consume it excessively. Several side effects someone will suffer from are headache, occasional allergic, low levels of protein and calcium, diarrhea, and contact dermatitis. For children, pregnant mothers, and people suffer from certain allergies, it could be good to contact the doctor first before deciding to put garlic on menu. Garlic health benefits and side effects could be the indicator if one day you want to eat garlic.

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