Fruits as Natural Remedies for Diabetes

Natural remedies for diabetes are diverse. Besides insulin injection, people with diabetes are also suggested to consume several foods with low glycemic index. Diabetes is a metabolic disease where there is too much sugar level in the blood. The high level of blood sugar is caused by the human body is not capable of producing enough insulin. Diabetes is categorized into two types. The first type is happen when the human body cannot produce sufficient amount of insulin. Meanwhile, the second type is happen when the human body cannot use the insulin available properly. If it is not treated properly, diabetes can lead to other harmful health diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

Fruits as Natural Remedies for Diabetes

Uncooked Veggies And Fruits: home remedies for diabetes

To treat diabetes properly, the person with diabetes should do healthy lifestyles such as doing exercise, eating healthy food, and sleeping properly. Those healthy lifestyles help to control the sugar level in human blood. If you happen to got diabetes, you are suggested to consume foods with low glycemic index such as fruits. As we know, fruits are sweet. Most people believe that a person with diabetes should not consume those sweet fruit. In the contrary, there are several sweet fruits with low glycemic index. The people with diabetes should not consume food with more than 70 glycemic index score. Some fruits have less than 55 glycemic index score.

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There is a saying, one apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apple has 30 up to 50 glycemic index score. This sweet fruit provides several substances that help our body to produce insulin. It contains pectin that promotes insulin production up to 35%. Moreover, the apple is also contains antioxidant that is good for your body. Besides apple, you can also consume cherry. The glycemic index of cherry is 22. Compared to any other fruits, cherry has the lowest glycemic index. As it goes for apple, cherry also has antioxidant. The anthocyanin on cherry has a great role to reduce the sugar level in human blood. This certain substance is also capable of promotes insulin production up to 50%.

People with cancer and heart disease are also suggested to consume this fruit.
With glycemic index score of 25, grapefruit is also good for people with diabetes. This fruit contains high level of substance called flavonoid. This substance enhances the production of insulin. Moreover, this fruit also helps our body to maintain the insulin production. Consuming three-quarters cup of grapefruit is going to help you control the sugar level on your blood. The fruits with low glycemic index are the best natural remedies for diabetes.

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