5 Factors That Can Damage The Immune System

Know faktors things that can damage the immune system. Keep your body’s endurance is very important for us to keep, so the health body will keep well and can run the activity properly. A good immune system capable of safeguarding against attacks of viruses, bacteria and fungi which can also lead to the emergence of various kinds of diseases. To keep the body’s endurance, surely it can be done by applying the pattern of healthy living and regular, multiply and consume foods like fruit and vegetable and diligent exercising so that the body remains fit and fresh.

The Immune System

So, what are the things that can degrade or damage the immune system?

1. Air pollution

Air pollution can damage our immune system

Air pollution is bad already proven very not good for our health, especially for children and infants due to their durability are still weak and susceptible to disease. Air pollution is also one of the factors that can lead to the onset of diseases such as flu, cough, shortness of breath and even some kind of dangerous diseases.According to the results of research conducted by several experts reveals that air pollution components that are capable of suppressing the immune system called T-cells, this is the one that can cause the onset of inflammation in our bodies.

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2. Too long sits

Too long sits can damage immune system

If you are Sue with a job that requires you to sit all day in front of the screen like computer/laptop, then this can be bad for your health and lower your body’s endurance. This is because, prolonged sitting can cause a slowdown in metabolic processes that may result in decreased absorption of nutrients in the body and many other contributory factors.


3. Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep can damage immune system

You should not get used to bringing work home or make a habit of staying up if not necessary, because if you often staying up until late at night can cause your body to become limp and not fresh at the time of waking up in the morning. In addition, if you frequently stay up and sleep deprivation, In addition, if you often stay up and lack of sleep, the body will experience a decline in producing melatonin and also to decrease the immune system to produce white blood cells for the body to function to fight infection.
4. Consume meat overload

Consume meat overload can damage immune system

Consume the meat of animals in excessive amounts can cause increased production of hormones IGF overload, so that it can accelerate the aging process and also inhibits the immune system function in your body.

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5. Frequent depression and stress in a prolonged period of time.

depression and stress can damage immune system

If you often experience depression and also the stress for a long time can cause increased levels of cortisol in the body, so that this can lead to a reduced production of hormones testosterone and estrogen. Both hormone imbalance that can degrade the performance of the immune system in the body.

Those are some of the factors that can damage our immune system.

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