Tips Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

Here’s Tips safe exercise during pregnancy, you need to know. While you’re pregnant, but that does not mean it can not perform activities such as sports. It is precisely this kind of activity during pregnancy can help to keep them fresh and healthy. Useful exercise to improve posture pregnant women as well as reduce some discomfort such as fatigue and back pain. Besides the benefits of exercise for pregnant women can prevent gestational diabetes is the type of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy, it can build more stamina needed for labor and can relieve stress.

Exercise During Pregnancy

Not all types of exercise can be done by pregnant women

There are several types of exercise that can be done safely during pregnancy such as: swimming, brisk walking, indoor cycling, and light aerobics. Exercises such as tennis and badminton are generally safe to do, just change the balance of the body during pregnancy can affect the movement during exercise. Jogging during pregnancy should be done as long as it is not done to excess. Pregnant women should also avoid some kind of sport among which;
– The type of exercise that risk can make you fall, one of them on horseback.
– Type of other sports such as soccer, volleyball, softball and basketball.
– The type of sports that require jumping movement jump too (excessively).

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Then if all pregnant women can do the exercise?

Basically exercise is important and good for health,it’s just that some people who have medical problems. If you have a history or medical problems like heart disease, asthma or diabetes do sports activities are not recommended. This activity can also be dangerous, if you have a complaint relating to pregnancy such as:
– There was bleeding or any blood spots
– A low lying placenta
– Threatened premature birth or miscarriage
– Have a history of premature birth

There are some things to watch out for pregnant women, in order to stay safe exercise to be undertaken, including the following:

  • Ensure that pregnant women wear comfortable and loose
  • Ensure that pregnant women choose the type of shoes that are specific to the type of exercise yag will be done.
  • We recommend that you carry out this activity on a flat floor, it serves to prevent unwanted or injury.
  • Ensure that pregnant women consume enough calories to meet daily needs during pregnancy.
  • You can do exercise one hour after finished eating
  • Consumption of drinking water before, during and after exercise.
  • Make sure you do not do this exercise excessively or fatigue. If a person can not speak normally after exercise, it is possible you have to slow down time training.
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You should consult with your doctor before doing the exercise program. In addition, you should consume a multi-vitamin that works so that the body does not feel tired after doing this exercise.

Thus the tips of interesting information regarding the safe exercise during pregnancy. Hopefully the above information can be useful for all readers.

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