Eating Habit as Natural Supplements for Weight Gain

Natural supplements for weight gain are usually expensive but promising instant muscle-building and results. But your metabolism requires the right amount of calories for gaining weight. The causes for being underweight can be hormonal, stress, hypothyroid and many more, including mental illness like anorexic or bulimic. There are also plenty who is underweight, which has equivalent sense of insecurity like being an obese that curses on their appearance. The key to gain few pounds of your desired body mass is Just by applying the right eating habit. Protein shakes or milk is a natural starting place, but healthy fats and other source of carbohydrates have their place as well.

Natural Supplements for Weight Gain

Change the way you live and eat if you really want to put on weight quickly. Knowing the difference between trans-fats like fried chips, fast food, cookies, processed foods, etc. and essential or healthy fat can help you gain weight naturally and in good health condition. The correct calculation of fat amount in men should be 2-5% of your body weight and 10-13% in women. After consulting to dietician, you can ask your pharmacist to combine 1200 milligrams of l-arginine and 1200 milligrams of L-lysine, a supplement that induce hormones to grow, the you can easily gain weight, form lean muscle, have stronger bones, and thicker hair.

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Whole grains such as breads, bagels, pasta, breads, brown rice, cereals, quinoa and air popped popcorn; contain healthy source of carbohydrates as they provide more nutrients as breakfast option. Ripe avocado has around 340 calories, another source of healthy fat. 18 cashew nuts or two handfuls of almonds provide 160 calories. Granola is also perfect for breakfast; it has 400 calories per hundred grams serving, and has long lasting energy that keeps you sharp all day. Try replacing rice with corn or potato, which provide complex sugar intake as well as rich calories from the carbohydrate substance.

You can make a cheaper version of weight gainer shake by mixing carbohydrates and protein powders that include egg white, soy, pea, brown rice and hemp protein; drink it immediately after you work out. Soybeans offer a complete protein that’s extremely low fat and cheap. Try a 400 calories shake by combining fruits like banana, mango, strawberries, or other fresh fruits with coconut water or other dairy products of your likings like cow’s milk, soy milk, yoghurt, or butter for your own natural supplements for weight gain.

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