Does Green Tea Stain Our Teeth?

Does green tea stain to our teeth? That is the big question for us. You might have known about the benefits of green tea. It is good for oxidation process inside your body. In daily food consumption, you might include wine for the dinner. Of course, wine has alchohol. It is not good for our health. That is why; if you are thinking about health condition, you have to stay away from alcohol. For removing the bad impact of alcohol to body, drinking green tea might be a good solution. However, there are some effects that you have to know also. Here, we will talk about that.

Does green tea stain our teeth

– The effect of green tea to the teeth

Taking one or two glasses of green tea might be so good for your body condition. Especially for drinking coffee with honey combination. It will make the oxidation process ruins well. Your alcohol consumption cause great danger. However, green tea plays the important role to make it neutral. You should consume green tea regularly. However, the green tea will make your teeth turn yellow. Is that a simple problem for having the yellow teeth? Having the good smile will be something impossible if you have to show your yellow teeth. Does green tea stain to our teeth? You have known the answer now.

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– How to solve the effect of green tea to the teeth

Now, you have to find the solution for making your teeth turn white again. It is not so complicated. We suggest you to take the natural whitening teeth. There are so many products of whitening teeth. You just have to go to the dentists and get your teeth turn white again. Therefore, you can smile nicely again. Alternatively, you may limit the consumption of green tea. However, it gives the impact to your oxidation process. That is why; if you want to be healthy, please stop drinking alcohol and smoking for being healthy. Does green tea stain to our teeth? That is not a big problem if you know how to whiten your teeth.

Does green tea stain to our teeth? That might be a big problem for many people. However, after knowing how to solve the yellow teeth problem, you do not have to worry about the effect of green tea anymore. So, love your teeth and love your body. The green tea will give you more benefits if you ignore the effect to the teeth.

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