Does Green Tea Have Caffeine?

Does green tea have caffeine? This is a question often asked by tea lovers. Yes, green tea does have less caffeine than other teas. What is clear green tea does not have caffeine which more or as much as coffee. Caffeine contained in tea was about 1/4 of coffee. For those of you who want to try change of caffeine then you can try drinking green tea. Most people consume green tea to lose weight and do not pay attention to the side effects associated with caffeine. But the type of green tea that you choose will also give a different effect. For a healthy choice, choose a green tea that is free of chemicals and avoid boiling, because the boiling process can destroy falconoid antioxidants. Also avoid the use of green tea bags because it contains caffeine at a higher level. This cafe has various drawbacks such as dehydration, irregular heartbeat (palpitations), frequent urination and even disorders of the gastric system. So for those of you who suffer from diseases such as I mentioned you should first consider the dose you need.

does green tea have caffeine

The bad side of does green tea have caffeine

Here are tips to know does green tea have caffeine:

  1. Should you consume caffeine is in a period of 3 times a day. Never more than 3 time a day.
  2. Choose green tea packaging that has good packaging, thereby reducing the effects of defects on the packaging so that the antioxidants in green tea is not diminished.
  3. To reduce the effects of caffeine can disturb your sleep, you should consume caffeine 3 hours before bedtime.
  4. Do not consume too much because it will cause the same effect as if you consume coffee or even worse.
  5. We recommend that you consult your doctor if you have a disease that cannot consume caffeine.
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Tips to know does green tea have caffeine

Well, here are the bad effects of excessive caffeine consumption. As we previously talk about does green tea have caffeine. Green teahas caffeine but much less caffeine than coffee or other teas. However, what if you took it in an unreasonable amount? Of course you canhave bad effects of consuming green tea, as follows:

  • Poisoning caffeine. If you consume too much caffeine so you can feel the feelings of anxiety. You can also experience the death if caffeine you consume more than the normal amount.
  • Experiencing anxiety and insomnia. This is often the cause of insomnia. You will be hard to sleep or waking during sleep if you consume too much caffeine. You also could face a sense of panic and anxiety that interfere with your brain patterns.

Well that’s how the effects of caffeine, does green tea have caffeine?

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