Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits for Our Body

This article about diatomaceous earth health benefits. It is sedimentary rock that occurred naturally. The structure of diatomaceous earth is fine white powder. It is so soft that the particle size of it is less than 3 micrometer. It comes from fossilized remains of diatoms from hard-shelled algae. It is used for various purposes from cosmetics and insecticide up to toothpaste. For scientific purposes, it is used as chemical catalyst, dynamite stabilizing component, and thermal insulator. After knowing the usage of diatomaceous earth, now we will discussed about the health benefits of it.

Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits

Four Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits

The main diatomaceous earth health benefits are to cure diseases form parasitical worm in our body. Those parasitical worms can live in our body can live in the mother vessel up to ten years. Some species of the parasitical worm such as Taenia is able to live as long as the mother vessel lives. It keeps reproducing in the same way as Ascaris worm. To cure the diseases caused by parasitical worms, we can consume one tablespoon of diatomaceous earth every other day for three months.

The second diatomaceous earth health benefits are as the natural source of silica. It contains about 85% of silica. Silica is a mineral that is important for our muscle tendon and cartilage. Not only that, the silica on diatomaceous earth also protects our blood vessels and bones. Moreover, the substance is also contributes to most of our vital organ such as heart, brain, and lungs. The researcher study shows that less than 34% of this mineral are available in the nature in plant-based food.

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To maintain our skin beauty, there is one of diatomaceous earth health benefits to keep in mind. It is included into strong abrasive. Therefore, it is not only used as toothpaste, but also exfoliator. The exfoliation process is good for our skins. It helps our skin to remove the dead skin cells. The dead skin cells that remain stick in our skins gives us the tired and worn-out appearance. Besides used to make our skin healthier, diatomaceous earth powder is also good for our teeth and nail. There are also some beauty mineral products using diatomaceous earth.

The diatomaceous earth health benefits are mainly caused of the abrasive characteristic of this substance. As abrasive substance, it is commonly used as internal cleanser. Moreover, it helps us to remove invaders in our intestinal system. Besides the intestinal invaders, it also repels other harmful organisms for our digestion system. Regularly consumed diatomaceous earth will assist our body to remove toxic metal.

The characteristics and the substances in diatomaceous earth make this substance used for various purposes. Besides, for scientific purposes, it is utilized to maintain our vital organ and curing a certain disease. What makes it special is the origin of this substance. It occurred naturally from fossilized algae and produced silica that has many benefits for our health. The study on diatomaceous earth health benefits reveals that this substance can also be used as natural pesticide.

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