Revealing the Cocoa Health Benefits

Talking about Cocoa health benefits, you must be surprised about it. If you assume that dark chocolate has highest level of antioxidant and other nutrients among other kind of Cocoa products, you might be wrong. The fact that this product has been processed through long procedures, makes it might lose most of its compounds, and remains nothing but carbs, fats, and sugar. Therefore, if you want to get the full-nutrition of it, you may consider taking the raw version of it, Cocoa beans. Considered as a superfood, this bean offers high containing of nutrients such as antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Beyond than that, it also has other 300 kinds of compound which are great for our health.

Cocoa Health Benefits

Several Health Benefits of Cocoa

The first one of Cocoa health benefits is supported by its high amount of various complex nutrients. This is a big source of antioxidants that protect our body from cell damage and beat several cancers. More importantly, it is also good in blocking the free radicals such as sun exposure, cigarette smoke, pollutions, and sunlight exposure. The flavonoids in it are also beneficial to boost the production of collagen, so it is so good for our skin. Moreover, this kind of bean also contains about 300 other important nutrients such as copper, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, etc. which are necessarily needed in keeping our body healthy.

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Second, the anandamide and phenylethylamine in it are also very important in improving your mind. The anandamide is kind of endorphine that increases mood, while phenylethylamine is andrenal-related substance that plays a big role in increasing focus and self-alertness. Along with other substance such as alkaloids, beta-carotene, linoleic, theobromine, leucine, proteins, lysine, and lipase, these substances will not only increase the positive mental, but they also support the physical health of its consumer by providing more energy. Moreover, inhibitors of monoamine oxidase also gives other contributions in Cocoa health benefits by keeping serotonin and dopamine stay longer in bloodstream to decrease depression.

Then, the third one of Cocoa health benefits comes to people who still in the middle of diet. It is because Cocoa is actually good for supporting lose weight process. Raw Cocoa contains coumarin. This substance will effectively suppress your appetite as well as suppress the growth of the tumor. Further, the polyphenols in it will also improve your sensitivity toward insulin. Experts say that the increasing sensitivity of insulin of the Cocoa can fasten the process of weight loss. Moreover, it also contains chromium that will regulate the blood sugar naturally.

Lastly, Cocoa bean considered great in protecting our heart as well as our cardiovascular system. The flavonoids of it have abilities to reduce blood pressure and block the bad cholesterol oxidation. So it will improve the blood circulation and minimize the risks of heart disease. Then, researches also show that this bean contains high level of magnesium which is good for keeping the heart healthy. And most importantly, it is not difficult to get all these Cocoa health benefits. There are so many ways to consume Cocoa, but mostly people will blend it with other food as smoothie, or as topping oatmeal, salad, cake, parfaits, and pudding.

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