Cayenne Pepper for High Blood Pressure

Cayenne pepper for high blood pressure is a famous natural medicine. Most people know that high blood pressure is a silent killer. This disease is caused by unhealthy live style. Stress, smoking, and consuming alcohol might cause various diseases, including high blood pressure. If this certain disease is not treated immediately, it may lead into other dangerous diseases. Some of those complications caused by the high blood pressure are stroke and heart attack. Normally, a healthy person has 120/80 mmHg blood pressure. Someone who got high blood pressure has above the rate of normal blood pressure. The more pressure, the more chance of artery damage can happen on someone blood vessel.

Cayenne Pepper for High Blood Pressure

As we all know, Cayenne Pepper is an ingredients for any spicy food. The scientific name of this spicy plant is called Capsicum annuum. However, people have various names for this pepper. They called it cow horn pepper, aleva, red-hot chili pepper, or guinea spice. The fruit of Cayenne Pepper is red when it is ripe. People usually dried or ground the pepper before they add to the food. However, it can also be pulped, baked, powdered, or sliced as well. It grows on subtropical or tropical countries as the annual temperate climate.

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Pepper has distinctive spicy taste when it is incorporated in food. Some cuisines incorporate the Cayenne Pepper in fresh form. It is also used as the main ingredient for hot sauces. In the Cayenne Pepper, there are plenty of useful substances. The most nutrition contained by this pepper is the Vitamin A. Moreover, you can also found Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Potassium, Riboflavin, as well as Manganese. All of those substances in the pepper contribute to the body requirements for nutrition. Consuming paper in certain cuisine is good for human body. However, some people do not like its spicy taste.

There is a special substance on Cayenne Pepper called as Capsaicin. This certain substance helps the body to speed up the metabolism process. Besides its capability of boost he metabolism process in our body, the Capsaicin also expands the blood vessel. Therefore, this reaction reduces the blood pressure in the human body. Although this type of pepper taste spicy, some researchers said that the Capsaicin on it is also good for liver and digestion system. The Capsaicin is also serves as aphrodisiac. It helps human body to maintain the normal blood pressure on the blood vessel. Generally, people consume it not only due to its spicy taste, but also due to the function of cayenne pepper for high blood pressure.

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