Know The Effects From Caffeine In Green Tea VS Coffee

Caffeine in green tea vs coffee is a must for some people. When wake up in the morning, they will need caffeine to make them feel 100% ready for their day. Some experts also tell how much the role of caffeine work fast for our body: we can feel the caffeine effects only in 10 minutes! That explains why caffeine in green tea vs coffee becomes people’s most favorite thing in the morning, instead of drinking water or healthy juice.

In one cup of coffee, it has about 100 to 200 mg of caffeine. What about green tea? Some studies tell that eight ounces of green tea has about 35 mg of caffeine, maybe smaller dose than a cup of coffee. But both of them have same caffeine side effects—–positive effects or the negative ones. For positive effects, caffeine in green tea vs coffee can boost your mood, remove your tired feeling and lose your weight. When you lose your inspiration or simply feel boring, a cup of coffee or green tea can give you new feeling, you will feel calm and better.

Caffeine In Green Tea VS Coffee

What about the negative side effects of caffeine? Well, too much caffeine can give bad effect for your heart, brain and stomach like disturbed sleep cycles, headaches and abnormal heart rhythms. Some people also sensitive about caffeine and will affect their body system and condition into the worse result. That’s why so important to know and understand the effects of caffeine for maintain your health problem.

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Caffeine In Green Tea VS Coffee And How To Face It

Of course it’s not good to consume all drinks with caffeine everyday. Drinking water should become the best option we have more than enjoying two cups of coffee or green tea with milk. After we know the comparison of caffeine in green tea VS coffee, maybe we have to take good conclusion about it : balance our consumption for tea and coffee, so we won’t get too much caffeine for our better health problems.

It’s true that caffeine can remove our tired feeling or can be the best solution when we wake up in the morning and want to get some relax time before go to work. A cup of cappuccino or a cup of green tea with milk will affect us to feel happier and better. Prepare to start our day. But we should also maintain our health problems; know what is the best for us. That’s why we need responsibility about consumption of caffeine in green tea VS coffee. With great responsibility, of course we won’t get bad effects for our body, inside and outside.

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