Health Benefits of Water

Health benefits of water are numerous. Water is one of the sources of life for people around the world. This is the main reason why the water is very beneficial to humans. Without water, humans cannot do much activity, could even die. The human body contains about 70% water. This fact requires us to always regenerate the liquid that is in our bodies. Humans cannot be separated from the water and the lucky, two-thirds of the earth is filled with water. In every activity undertaken by humans always need water. Water can be used as a beverage, or can also be processed as a complement to a dish. By keeping the water source, then we have a step to save lives.

Health benefits of water for human existence

Aside from being a source of life for humans, there are other health benefits of water we can get. Here are some benefits of water.

  • Forming cells and body fluids

    Health Benefits of water

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The main components of the cell are water, amounting to 70-85%. While in the fat cells, it is less than 10%. Water plays a major role in the blood, gastric fluids, hormones, enzymes, muscles, and is also useful in maintaining muscle tone so that the muscles are able to contract.

  • Transportation inside the body

Assist the growth and regeneration of cells effectively and become a media and a variety of substances with properties different polar ions. In addition, it helps transport oxygen in the body and as a transport medium for exhaling carbon dioxide gas.

  • Lubricant and bearing

Water serves as a lubricant or lubricant in the form of joint fluid so that the joint can move well and reduce friction between the joints. In addition, water-resistant cushions vibration on body tissues, such as brain, spinal cord, eyes and amniotic bag in the womb.

  • Regulating body temperature

Water can produce heat, absorbs and dissipates heat throughout the body so that the body remains stable. Moreover, it also helps cool the body through evaporation from the lungs and the skin surface with the excess heat out of the body.

  • The most powerful facial moisturizer

By drinking plenty of water helps keep your skin supple and reducing lines and wrinkles on the face. Hot air can because you will cause dehydration and fatigue during and after the trip. Drink plenty of water before traveling and one glass every hour of your trip to get health benefits of water.

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