A Lot of Benefits of Mushrooms in Diet

Benefits of mushrooms in diet are so many. Actually, mushroom is not classified as vegetable or fruit, because mushroom is included to fungi. Some experts of food said that the more colors on the plants the better nutrients you can get. You must know that mushroom commonly has pale colors or even mostly, it is white. However, it does not mean that there is no nutrient inside the mushroom. Moreover, it provides some important nutrients that are needed by your body. Then, you will not hesitate any more to add mushroom in your diet menu.

A Lot of Benefits of Mushrooms in Diet


If you want to get more sources of fiber, you must consume not only fruits and vegetables, but also the mushrooms. It is because you can get more fibers like beta-glucan and chitin that is able to improve the cardiovascular health and lower the cholesterol. There are so many varieties of mushrooms. Shiitake provides a compound of critadenine that can help liver to process the cholesterol. Besides, there is also a mushroom called as pink oyster that can prevent a forming of arterial plaque and reduce the cholesterol too. Furthermore, there are still many benefits that you can get by consuming the mushrooms.

Next benefit is to prevent the cancer. There are some studies that have been proved that white button variety of mushroom is able to prevent the breast cancer. This mushroom contains of nutrient that will eliminate the excess estrogen from the circulation. Therefore, it is good for you to consume this kind of mushroom if you want to prevent the breast cancer. Even though it needs more experiments and studies to confirm the result, this mushroom is believed to have ability to suppress the growth and reproduction of the cancer cell. Then, what else are the benefits of mushrooms for the health?

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To keep your body healthy and fit is really important to do. You can consume some foods that can be the immune boost. Mushroom is one of some foods that can help you to keep your immunity system. There are some varieties of mushroom that is able to stimulate the immunity, like oyster, shiitake, reishi and Portobello mushrooms. Moreover, your body must need minerals and vitamins. By eating the mushrooms, especially the crimini you can get more sources of vitamin D and germanium. Those nutrients are required by your body to reduce the bad effects from free radicals.

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