Are Mushrooms Good For You and Your Health

Are mushrooms good for you? This question always comes to your mind. Mushrooms are foods that are often found in soup and snacks. This vegetable grows naturally in a tree. Mushroom has various kinds. Although some kinds of mushroom can be eaten, here are some that cannot be eaten. The examples of mushroom that cannot be eaten are shin take mushroom, oyster mushroom, rice straw mushroom. Besides these mushrooms can be eaten, they are also good for our health.

Are Mushrooms Good For You

Are they good for you? Photograph: Alamy

The next question that arises, “are mushrooms good for pregnant mother?” mushrooms are delicious food that can be cooked well. Some people enjoy mushroom in a soup, salad, or pizza. Fresh mushroom contains much nutrition. However, some people are still in doubt whether it is safe to consume mushroom for pregnant mother or not. The answer is surely yes. If you are pregnant and you like eating mushroom, there is no reason for you not to eat it. The nutrition that is available in mushrooms is really good for your baby. It contains vitamin, mineral, protein, and metal.

The first benefit of consuming mushroom is that it contains vitamin B. This vitamin B change your food becomes energy. It also makes your skin healthier. The kind of vitamin B that is available in this food includes tiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3) and asam pantotenat (B5). One cup of portabella contains approximately 8 percentage of total riboflavin that is needed by a human. Tiamin, niacin and pantotenat helps to form the body of a baby and strengthen central neuron system. Mushroom also contains vitamin D. the vitamin D in mushroom makes this food really important to consume by pregnant mother. Vitamin D itself helps to organize calcium in the body and help to create baby’s tooth. One cup of shitake contains approximately 12, 6 vitamin D. Mushroom are the source of many vitamin D.

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Mushroom contains protein. Protein in mushrooms is really good and really important for baby growth especially for the growth of muscle mass. Besides, mushrooms also contain substances iron. Your body needs more hemoglobin because the volume of your blood increases. Iron substance is the main component in shaping hemoglobin. The mushrooms itself contains enough iron substance. One cup of morel mushroom contains 8 milligram of iron substance. That’s all about the benefit of mushroom especially for pregnant mother. Those are the answer of the question, “are mushrooms good for you?”


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