Amazing Health Benefits of Brown Rice

Amazing health benefits of brown rice, we have provided for your health inspiration. Rice is widely known as whole grain which also a good source of carbohydrate. In half of all population in the world, rice even becomes the staple food that people consume every day. White rice is one kind of rice that mostly consumed by people. Most people are choosing white rice since it has softer and more excellent appearance. White rice also offers delight taste since it can be a good accompaniment to any kind of side dishes. Moreover, white rice is commonly considered healthy enough to consume. Is consuming white rice can really be beneficial for our body? As a matter of fact, white rice is not doing much for your health, since it has already lost so many nutrients. Instead of having white rice, it would be better for you to consume another part of whole grain, that is brown rice. Although it seems like white and brown rice only different from the color, some studies have proved that there are more health benefits of brown rice rather than white rice.

health benefits of brown rice

Both white rice and brown rice have similar amounts of calories and carbohydrate level. What makes brown rice different from white rice lay on the processing. White rice has been through longer process than brown rice. To produce white rice, it is needed to remove several layers the rice. Meanwhile, it only needs to remove the outer layer of the rice to produce brown rice. In this case, white rice misses more nutrients rather than brown rice does. Therefore, consuming brown rice is more advantageous for your body. To give you more information of why you should choose brown rice

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Here are 5 health benefits of brown rice that will amaze you

  1. Good for your digestive system’s health

Brown rice is a rich source of fiber. Fiber in brown rice will make you feel full longer. Therefore, the bran side of the brown rice can reduce acids in your digestive system. Besides, fiber can also be beneficial to prevent colitis and constipation.

  1. Containing high antioxidant

Another benefit of brown rice is that it contains an antioxidant named superoxide dismutase. This kind of antioxidant plays an important role of protecting the cells’ damages caused by free radical. Antioxidant is also needed for protecting your body from several kinds of cardiovascular disease.

  1. High in Manganese

Brown rice is a rich source of Manganese, since 88% of in 1 cup of brown rice (195.00 grams) consists of manganese.  In fact, manganese is an important mineral, especially for your nervous system health, the production of cholesterol and also your reproductive system.

  1. Good for Losing Weight

According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, women who consume more whole grain, like brown rice, weigh less rather than women who don’t consume it. This thing happens because brown rice has high manganese that helps to synthesize fats in your body. Another benefit is also called as anti-obesity since it can reduce the body fat and body mass index.

  1. Anti-Cancer

The combination between high antioxidant and fiber will protect your body from cancer, especially breast cancer and colon cancer. Fiber is a great substance that will eliminate the toxins that cause cancer from colon’s wall. Brown rice also contains selenium, a substantial mineral that can reduce the risk of colon cancer. Furthermore, some researches has shown that having dietary brown rice can prevent tumor’s growth in your body.

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