9 Stunning Health Benefits of Kefir That We Never Realize Before

Kefir is commonly known as fermented milk product. It is originally a cow milk or goat milk that is fermented using kefir grains. Amazingly, this fermentation process produces a food product with healthy microorganism or it is commonly called probiotics. The number of microorganism or good bacteria I this product even much more than yogurt. Therefore, this product has more health benefits for our body. Below are the health benefits of kefir that we never realize before.
Amazing health benefits of kefir as the milk fermentation that can fight cancer and increase bone density

Health Benefits of Kefir

Kefir contains much useful nutrition

From milk with the fermentation of kefir grain, milk can turn into a magical drink. Kefir grain that result lactic acid bacteria turns the lactose in the milk into lactic acid. Through this, the nutrition in this drink is increased such as protein, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamins.

Kefir can increase lactose tolerance

There are some groups of people that are intolerance to lactose. The sign of lactose intolerance is like itchy in the skin. By drinking kefir, this intolerance never comes up anymore. It is caused by the lactose in the milk that has been turned into lactic acid by kefir.

Kefir can increase the immunity

The good bacteria in kefir has actually can strengthen the immunity of the body. With much more amount of immunity, the body can even block the body from the dangerous bacteria that causes infection and inflammation. Based on the name, probiotics is different from antibiotics. Antibiotics that are taken when we get sick are only eliminating the sickness agent. Meanwhile, probiotics even work to eliminate the symptom.

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Kefir can increase bone density

Kefir has an ability to absorb the calcium and magnesium. As the origin that kefir comes from milk, it also means that the calcium in the kefir can be delivered well into the bone. Of course bone with dense condition can be h3er and can avoid from the osteoporosis. The other nutrition that can be absorbed by kefir is also phosphorus, vitamin D and vitamin K.

Kefir cures allergies ad asthma

In fact, the power of kefir can also cure the allergies and asthma. The kefir actually suppresses the allergies agent in the blood. Then, the h3 anti-inflammation in kefir is very useful in preventing the asthma

Kefir can also protects the body from cancer

It might be the health benefits of kefir that is very useful for people. The probiotics contained in the kefir is believed as the h3est substance that is important to fight against cancer. This probiotics strengthen the immune system in the body which can block the unnatural growth of cells as the cancer seeds.

Kefir can add some muscle

The protein that is contained in kefir is more than enough in about 6-10 gram per 100 gram. For people who love fitness, drinking kefir can help their effort to add some additional nutrition from another source. It also contains amino acid which is the simpler form of protein that can be absorbed faster by the body.

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Kefir helps liver for detoxifications

It is the task of the liver that has to detoxify the toxin from many food resources that come into the body. Drinking kefir means alto adding the lactic acids into the body. The function of the substance is helping the liver to detoxify the toxin. As the result, the liver work is lighter than before.

Kefir lowers the bad cholesterols and hypertension

Bad cholesterol is the main suspect in the cardiovascular disease. In fact, kefir can increase the HDL as the good cholesterol to reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood. With normal portion of HDL and LDL, it keeps away the blood from the density. It also means that one of the health benefits of kefir is to prevent the body from getting the hypertension.

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