9 Outstanding Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been known as the cooking oil before the palm oil is fulfilling the market. It is also known as the oil with high saturated fat. Even so, its saturated fat has different chain length than the usual palm oil. When palm oil has long chain fatty acid, this virgin coconut oil has medium chain fatty acid. This medium chain fatty acid makes the oil is easily absorbed by the bowel. The others health benefits of virgin coconut oil are as follow.
Stunning health benefit of virgin coconut oil with saturated fat and medium chain fatty acid to lower heart disease

Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil can help to burn more fat

The unique chain length of fatty acid in virgin coconut oil has an effect that it is easily digested by the body. It means it can be used as the power after it is consumed. By delivering direct power and direct digestion, it will not have a chance to be stored as a body fat.

Virgin coconut oil can prevent from heart disease and hypertension

As a fat with high saturated fat, it contains HDL which is also good cholesterol. It is the role of lauric acid that makes the coconut oil has unique saturate fat. It functions as the enhancement of blood circulation and lowers the LDL in the blood which is good to avoid the body from heart disease and hypertension.

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Virgin coconut oil as anti inflammation

The high level of antioxidant in the coconut oil affects to lower the inflammation. It can also suppress the inflammatory cells.

Virgin coconut oil is good for the skin

Virgin coconut oil can be functioned as massage oil and moisturizing oil. It is suitable for the dry skin that will look moisten. It also reduces the wrinkle and sagging on the skin that will come up through the aging. The mineral content in the virgin coconut oil also has high benefit to prevent from the skin problems such as dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections.

Virgin coconut oil is good for the digestion system

It can prevent from the stomach and bowel problem. It is because this oil contains anti microbial substance that blocks the growth of bacteria or fungus which can cause digestive problems. With the health of digestion system, it can be obtained the health benefits of virgin coconut oil for the other body organs.

Virgin coconut oil can increase the body immune

This magnificent function can’t be separated from the existence of these three acid such as Caprylic acid, Lauric acid, and Capric acid. This acids work as the antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral agents in the body. With this function, it can support the immune system and prevent the body from many diseases.

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Virgin coconut oil can control blood sugar

Virgin coconut oil also functions to control the glucose in blood. The controlled blood sugar increases the secretion of insulin. With the balance amount of blood sugar and insulin prevent the body from insulin retention as the cause of diabetes type II.

Virgin coconut oil helps to optimize the function of liver and kidney

The nature of coconut oil that is easy to absorb has help to reduce the work of liver. Liver doesn’t need to help the fat to turn it into energy since it can do it by itself. The medium chain fatty aid in the coconut oil can also prevent the liver disease. For the kidney, the oil can prevent it from the kidney stones.

Virgin coconut oil for Alzheimer disease

There is a research that claims virgin coconut oil can be treated the Alzheimer disease. It is caused the function of the oil that can enhance the blood flow. The good blood flow can supply enough fresh and nutritious blood into the brain. Brain with better blood will be better in the function.
Virgin coconut oil is good oil for our body. The saturated fat in the oil has many functions that are not comparable with the function of palm tree.

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That’s why there are many health benefits of virgin coconut oil.

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