8 Amazing Medjool Dates Health Benefits

Medjool dates fruit, which is originally from Middle East, in fact has many health benefits. The dark brown fruit with wrinkle and black stone in it contains much calorie in the form of carbohydrate and sugar. Here are the medjool dates health benefits from this small but sweet fruit.
Medjool Dates Health Benefit
8 Amazing Medjool Dates Health Benefits

Medjool Dates Health Benefits

Healthy food snack

Based on the nutrition fact, 100 gram of medjool dates contains 75 gram of carbohydrates (dietary fiber 7 gram, sugar 66 gram), protein 2 gram, 0 gram of fat and 0 gram of cholesterol. We don’t have to be worry in consuming medjool dates because it is fat free and also cholesterol free. The most amount in medjool dates is carbohydrate in the form of natural sugar and fiber which are also healthy for the body.

Provide energy

One of the reasons that medjool dates provide more energy is the sugar in the dates which is 66 gram of 100 gram of dates. The calorie in this amount of serving is 277 calories. From this, more than half of the dates are sugar especially simple and natural sugar such as fructose and glucose. It also contains carbohydrate ad dietary fiber which is very essential for the digestion system. There is at least 75 gram of carbohydrate (66 gram of it in the form of sugar) of 100 gram medjool dates.

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Provide Essential Minerals

Medjool dates also contain minerals such as copper, magnesium, manganese, and potassium. Magnesium and manganese are important for the bone density to make the bone h3er. Meanwhile, potassium and copper are beneficial for the health of the cardiovascular. These both mineral will strengthen the blood vessels by supporting the tissue around it. Magnesium also takes an important role in turning the vitamin D into the useful form for the calcium absorption for the bone.

Maintain the body weight

Containing enough energy in the medjool dates is sufficient to support the activity in a day. This number of energy even comes from the small amount of food (medjool dates). Natural fiber in medjool dates also maintains the full feeling to last longer. It can avoid us from taking too much portion for our meal. Enough food will not create an extra calorie that will be stored as fat in the body. This is the other medjool dates health benefits.

Lowering the risk of stroke

It is based on the fact that medjool dates contain potassium and copper that are beneficial for the cardiovascular disease. Having the strong vessel because of consuming these minerals is one of the reasons the risk of stroke gets low. With healthy vessels means that the heart can work normally which also means we can get a better health.

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Good for blood building

Medjool dates in fact also has iron mineral in it. Iron is very important in the blood building. Lack of iron causes anemia, fatigue, peeling nails and pale skin. Consuming enough iron is beneficial in providing healthy blood especially for women in menstrual period.
Wonderful medjool dates function with natural fiber for a healthy digestive system

Maintain the health of digestive system

Since medjool dates contain natural fiber that is very beneficial for the digestive system. With fiber, it can ensure the digestive process and absorption process run well. Fiber is also a healthy substance for the gut and bowel. With the better digestive process in the bowel, it can avoid us from the constipation and diarrhea.

Sexual booster

For those who have weak sexual arouse, medjool dates can boost the sexual drive. It contains with estradiol and flavanoid that function to increase the amount of sperm. Besides it will also increase the weight and the size of the testes.

We can say that meedjool dates are magical fruit because with small number of consumption, it has many benefits for our body. It can also be another option of fruit than just usual food to consume. By getting satisfaction of taste, we will get the mendjool dates health benefits.

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