7 Incredible Health Benefits of Plums

Health Benefits of Plums – Plums are sweet tasty fruit with red, deep purple, green and yellow color for its skin; and pink, yellow, and orange for the flesh. Being called “The World Healthiest Fruit”, plums are high in vitamin C and contain totally 80 nutrients for each fruit.

This is impressive since plums are cheap but very nutritious. What kind of benefit that plum might have?

Health Benefits of Plums

These are some health benefits of plum that you should know

  1. Good for Losing Weight

Plum is quite good for you who are willing to lose your body weight. Plums have a lot of minerals and vitamin with saturated fats. Eating plums, you will feel full but still, it only has little calories. According to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), plums only contain 30 calories per fruit.

  1. Boost Brain Memories

One of health benefits of plums is it can improve your brain. In boosting our memories, antioxidant in plums takes an important role. Antioxidant makes the oxygen moves faster to brain cells. Meanwhile, amino acids in plums are important in improving the problem-solving skill in our brain.

  1. Good antioxidant

Plums contain antioxidant that is very advantageous for your body.  In fact, Plums have more antioxidant rather than blueberry. This is emphasizing that consuming plums can prevent any kind of disease entering your body and also protecting you from free radicals.

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To get health benefit of plums, something that you have to remember is it is better not to peel the skin. Because antioxidant is right in the plums’ skin, you have to eat it along with its skin. Moreover, every color of plum has different types of antioxidant. So the more you eat different color of plum, the more you get various antioxidants for your body.

  1. Good for Diabetics

One of plums health benefits is because plums have low GI or glysemic index. That is why consuming plums will not cause your blood sugar levels increase, yet you can still control it. Otherwise, plums will make your blood sugar level and triglyceride get lower instead.

  1. Increasing the Density of Your Bones

Since Plums are rich in flavonoids and phenoic, plums are quite good to make your bones strong. Beside it will reduce the risk of osteoporosis. So, if you want to avoid such bone problem, having plum can be a great idea, at least it will make you stronger than before.

  1. Fulfilling Pregnant Woman’s Nutrition

Since plums are rich in mineral and vitamin, a pregnant woman is suggested to eat plums. Eating plums will give several benefits for mother and the growing baby, for instance the development of baby’s eyes, bones, and tissue for mother.

  1. Healthier Skin
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One of the health benefits of consuming plums is it will make your skin healthier. Since plums contain a lot of antioxidant, eating plums regularly will result a brighter and younger look of skin.  Because of its richness in Vitamin C, extract plums are usually used in skin care products.

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