6 Wonderful Health Benefits of Ice Cream for Our Best Body

Everyone loves ice cream. Ice Cream Company provides its consumer with various taste, shape, and size. It is easy to get from the store or even we can make it by ourselves. Behind its delicious taste, it contains many benefits. Here are the health benefits of ice cream for our body.
health benefits of ice cream

health benefits of ice cream

1. Ice cream gives more energy for your body
Based on the ingredient, a cup of ice cream contains such as milk, sugar, or even chocolate. These foods have a lot of calories in them. Therefore, the calories from a cup of ice cream are enough and equal with our breakfast meal. Although it is in a small amount, for example in a cup, in fact it contains high energy.

2. Ice cream provides more vitamins and mineral
The ingredients that contain milk and fruit also contribute to the more vitamins and mineral in it. For example in a cone of ice cream, it contains vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D and E. The milk also contains full of calcium and phosphorus. Calcium can maintain the bone and teeth to stay strong. It can also reduce the kidney stones. Phosphorus is also essential in helping the body to absorb the calcium.

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3. Ice cream can make everyone happy
Ice cream has a delicious taste and it is acceptable for everyone from every ages. Eating ice cream with delicious and freezing sensation make the mood relaxes and reduces the risk of the stress. There is also a research that explains about the increasing good mood after consuming the vanilla ice cream. Taste contributes much effect on the mood. For chocolate taste, we all know that chocolate increase the hormone to stay away the stress.

4. Ice cream helps people to loose weight
As a dessert with full of calories, it supply enough energy to the body. When the body is in enough energy, it has more capability to control the appetite. Of course, calorie count is important in diet to loose weight. However, it doesn’t mean that when someone wants to loose more weight, it means that he/she has to consume more ice cream. It is not like that. The ice cream only helps to loose weight. Since loosing weight consists of many steps to do, we need to do the rest to get the better loose weight result. Consuming more ice cream only reduces the health benefits of ice cream.

5. Ice cream increase sex drive
Wow, ice creams can increase the sex drive. In fact, the containing calcium and phosphorus that causes more energy storage in the men muscle. It means more powerful muscle can create more testosterone which will increase the libido.

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6. Ice cream, especially chocolate flavor is good for our health
As we know that chocolate taste comes from a cocoa. Consuming a quarter ounce of chocolate can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. It is because the flavanoid in the chocolate is good for the health of artery. It means with good artery, the blood will flow without any disturbance. Unfortunately, chocolate ice cream does not only contain chocolate but also may other ingredient. To be wise, the same as the common statement that control the consumption of ice cream for better health.

There is no problem with consuming the delicious dessert called ice cream. With enough portions, ice cream has many benefits for our health. What we need to concern is about the portion and the other ingredient in the ice cream. Since it contains milk, cream, and sugar which in large amount of consumption, they affect to the health. Milk which contains much calorie can result obesity and the sugar as well. It means that to get the health benefits of ice cream, we have to consume it in wise portion.

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