10 Wonderful Wasabi Peas Health Benefits

Wasabi peas are originated from dehydrated peas coated with wasabi mixture. It is seasoned with salty and it is fried so that it has crunchy taste. There are two raw foods for wasabi peas snack. They are peas and wasabi. Each of them has many health benefits for our body. To find out the wasabi peas health benefits, here are some of them.
Wasabi Peas Health Benefits
Wasabi Peas Health Benefits

Control the weight

Peas can be classified as vegetable. Therefore, it has an advantage such as low fat content and high vitamin, mineral, and even protein. Protein is important nutrition in maintaining the muscle to burn more fat.

High protein and fiber

In 100 gram of wasabi peas, it contains 6 gram of protein. Protein has an important function to regenerate the broken cells. It also maintains the health and the growth of muscle which function as the center of metabolism. h3 muscle will burn more fats. Still in the same amount of wasabi peas, in 100 gram it contains 4 gram of natural fiber. It is also important substance for the health of the digestive system, blood flows and also the blood sugar.

Prevent the heart disease

Peas also have rich of antioxidant and anti-inflammation. For some cases, these substances are beneficial for the health of the blood vessel in cleaning it from the plaque inside the vessel wall. With healthy vessels, it will affect to the healthy heart and reduce it from the heart attack. Besides wasabi also function to avoid the platelets to stick together which is very dangerous for the heart. Dense blood will force the heart to work harder.

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Strengthen the bones

Peas also contain vitamin B and vitamin K which influences the bones density. Vitamin K functions as the emulator to absorb the calcium for the bones. Meanwhile, vitamin B is the nutrition to prevent the osteoporosis.

Maintain the skin health

Antioxidant in the peas has wider function for the body such as delaying the wrinkle and black spot on the skin. The function of the antioxidant is blocking the body from the free radicals. These free radicals actually the cause of the earlier aging such as the occurrence of wrinkle and skin dry.

Controlling the blood sugar

Peas as vegetable of course have high level of natural fiber. Fiber is the substance the make wasabi peas have health benefits for our body. The nature of natural fiber is keeping the full feeling. It means that people with enough fiber will not fell hungry easily. With longer full feeling and enough food intake, the blood sugar can be I the normal level.

Digestive sanitizer

Wasabi itself actually has a characteristic as anti bacteria. With this ability, wasabi can reduce the harmful bacteria which usually exist in the digestive organ and disturb the function of the organs.

Low calorie

Wasabi and peas contain low calorie to consume. It is good news for the snack lovers who sometimes worry about the effect of certain snack for the increasing body weight. They don’t have to be worried about that since it will not pack new fat tissues in the body.

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Prevent the cancer

Wasabi contain a substance that can help the liver function to work more optimal. With optimal function, liver can detoxify the harmful toxin coming into the body. These toxin are actually the causes of the cancer growth.

Reduce the arthritis

The anti-inflammatory substance in the wasabi actually the main function to reduce the problem in the joints includes the arthritis. It functions as the lubricant ad also strengthen the joint so that it reliefs the pain around the joints.

It turns out that wasabi peas which is in small size but it has bigger effect. Wasabi peas health benefits can encourage us to try to include this food into our daily menu. As a note, since it is categorized as fried snack with high sodium, we need to limit the portion to consume.

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